Augusto de Muro

Augusto de Muro (? – 1959) was an Argentine chess player and organizer.

He was the president of the Argentine Chess Federation and the head of the Organizing Committee for the 8th Chess Olympiad, which took place at Buenos Aires from August 21 to September 19, 1939. When World War II began, Augusto de Muro, along with team captains – leading roles were played by Alexander Alekhine (France), Savielly Tartakower (Poland), and Albert Becker (Germany) – decided to continue with the Olympiad. [1]

He Was Elected year Honorary Member of the FIDE in 1939. [2] During the war, FIDE headquarters Were Transferred from Europe to Argentina. At this time, Augusto de Muro became the current president of the FIDE. [3]


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