World Chess Network

The World Chess Network (WCN) was a commercial Internet chess server dedicated to the chess game launched in 1997 and closed ten years later in 2007 when it was bought by Internet Chess Club and merged with Chess Live to form World Chess Live. As a typical chess server, the network provided basic services such as conducting chess games online on the Internet between two human players. Chess tournaments were occasionally organized by the service, including a few games chosen between the famous chess masters where spectators could watch the game in real time. At its peak, the network was frequented by professional chess players, including great masters like Elena Donaldson, Susan Polgar, Larry Christiansen and Larry Evans. Continue reading

Viktor Tietz

Viktor Tietz (13 April, 1859 Rumburg ( Czech : Rumburk , northwest Bohemia , Austrian Monarchy – December 8, 1937, Karlsbad ( Czech : Karlovy Vary ), Bohemia, Czechoslovakia ) Was a Czech ethnic-German chess player, chess life organizer and Local politician. [1] Continue reading