Bernhard Kagan

Bernhard Kagan (15 August 1866 – 27 November 1932, Berlin ) was a German chess player, writer, publisher, editor, and organizer.


Born in Poland, he lived in Berlin, where he played in local tournaments. He took 7th in 1898, tied for 7-9th in 1902, took 6th in 1903, shared 2nd in 1923, and tied for 7-10th in 1925. He also shared 4th at Hanover 1902, tied for 6-7th at Ostend 1907, And took 10th at Prague 1908. [1]

Several chess Organized He contests in Berlin at the end of World War I . Four grandmasters ( Emanuel Lasker , Akiba Rubinstein , Carl Schlechter and Siegbert Tarrasch ) participated in the strongest event. It took place in the Kerkau-Palast from 28 September until 11 October 1918. [2]

Kagan was an author of series of chess monographs (among others on prodigy Samuel Reshevsky , Samuel Rzeschewski das Schachwunderkind , Berlin 1920). [3] He published Kagans Schachkatalog from 1917 to 1927, and was an editor of the quarterly (later monthly) magazine Kagans Neueste Schachnachrichten (Kagan’s latest chess news) from 1921 to 1932. [4] Many of the great tournaments of the period appeared In supplements to the magazine. [5]


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