César Muñoz

César Muñoz Vicuña (Guayaquil 1929- ibid 2000) was an Ecuadorian chess master . An amateur, he was an engineer by profession. [1] [2]

He played for Ecuador at first board in the fourth World Chess Championship at Reykjavik 1957 (+3 -6 = 4), where he beat Grandmaster Fridrik Olafsson , and in the 14th Chess Olympiad at Leipzig 1960 (+9 -3 = 7 ). The unknown Ecuadorian caused a sensation in the preliminaries of the Leipzig Olympiad when he beat Bobby Fischer . [3]

In 1962, he took second place, behind Olavo Yépez , in Pichincha (ECU-ch); And took seventh place at Quito 1969 (zonal; Eleazar Jiménez and Olavo Yépez Obando won). [4]

For a number of years he was chair of the Ecuadorean Sports Association, and the Complejo Deportivo Caesar Muñoz Vicuña was named after him. He died in 2000.

Notable chess games

  • Bent Larsen vs. César Muñoz, Reykjavík 1957, 4th World Student Chess Championship, English, A15, 0-1
  • Robert James Fischer vs. César Muñoz, Leipzig 1960, 14th Olympiad, Sicilian, Dragon, Yugoslav Attack, B77, 0-1


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