Heinz Nowarra

Heinz Nowarra (1897-1945?) Was a German chess master. [1]

He was born in Berlin in 1938 ( Kurt Richter won), shared with Berthold Koch and Paul Mross at Berlin 1938 (GER-ch qual), [2] tied for 15-16th at Bad Oeynhausen 1938 the 5th GER-ch , Erich Eliskases won), [3] tied for 9-10th at Berlin 1939 ( Franz Mölbitz won), and Took 10th at Berlin 1940 ( Efim Bogoljubow won), [4]

During World War II , he played in several tournaments in General Government (occupied central Poland). He Took 5th in 1941 (dr Walcker won) and 2nd, behind Mross, in 1942 in Kraków City championships, [5] tied for 10-12th at Krakow / Warsaw in 1941 (the 2nd General Government-ch , Alexander Alekhine and Paul Felix Schmidt won), [6] tied for 7-8th at Krynica 1943 (the 4th GG-hp, Josef Lokvenc won), [7] Took 7th at Radom in 1944 (the 5th GG-hp Bogoljubow won), [8] and Took 5th in Kraków in May 1944 ( Rudolf Teschner won).

Nowarra also took part in correspondence chess tournaments. In December 1944, his game against Klaus Junge had to be interrupted as a draw, when Junge left for the front. As Luděk Pachman wrote, Nowarra, who is in the final days of World War II. [9] Until today, there are no news about what happened to Nowarra. [10]


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