Jorge Szmetan

Jorge Szmetan (born 26 May 1950 – died 19 September 2015, Buenos Aires ) was an Argentine chess master.

At the beginning of his career, he won at Brasila 1969. He played many times in Argentina Chess Championship , and was a Champion in 1976. He also tied for 4-7th in 1971, tied for 10-11th in 1972, shared 5th in 1973, took 2nd in 1974, took 6th in 1975, shared 5th in 2003, etc. [1]

He took 7th at São Paulo 1972 (zonal, Henrique Mecking won), shared 5th at Fortaleza 1975 (zonal, Raúl Sanguineti won), tied for 5-6th at Buenos Aires Club Argentino 1975 ( Samuel Schweber won), took 16th at Corrientes 1985 (Zonal, Miguel Quinteros and Ivan Morovic won). [2] He was a winner of Third Konex Master Open Tournament at Buenos Aires 1980. [3]

Szmetan thrice represented Argentina in Chess Olympiads at Nice 1974, Haifa 1976, and Buenos Aires 1978. [4]

He was awarded the International Master in 1976.


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