José Gerschman

José Gerschman (born 1910) was an Argentine chess master.

He played four times in Argentina Chess Championship ( Torneo Mayor ). He Took 15th in 1937 ( Jacobo Bolbochán won), Took 19th in 1938 ( Roberto Grau won), tied for 2nd-4th in 1939 ( Juan Traian Iliesco won) and Took last spot in a play-off triangular tournament for the title ( Carlos Maderna won), and took 13th in 1940 ( Carlos Guimard won). [1]

Gerschman also tied for 9-10th in the Buenos Aires 1939 chess tournament ( Círculo , Paul Keres and Miguel Najdorf won), [2] and took 7th at Buenos Aires 1963 (YMCA, Oscar Panno won). [3]


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