Paul Krüger (chess player)

Paul Krüger (Krueger) (12 October 1871 – 7 August 1939) was a German chess master.

He lived in Hamburg. At the beginning of his career, he shared 2nd at Dresden 1892 (the 7th DSB Congress , Hauptturnier C ), won at Danzig 1898, tied for 2nd-3rd at Berlin 1899/1900, tied for 4-5th at Munich 1900 DSB-Congress Hauptturnier A , Rudolf Swiderski won), [1] Took 11th at Haarlem 1901 ( Adolf Georg Olland won), won at Breslau 1912 (the 18th DSB-Congress Hauptturnier B ), won at Hamburg in 1913, and tied for 15-16th at Mannheim 1914(interrupted the 19th DSB-Congress, Alexander Alekhine won). [2]

After World War I , he tied for 5-7th at Hamburg 1921 (the 21st DSB-Congress, Ehrhardt Post won), [3] took 7th at Bad Oeynhausen 1922 1923 (the 23rd DSB-Congress, Ernst Grünfeld won), [4] tied for 6-7th at Bremen 1927 ( Efim Bogoljubow won), [5] shared 3rd at Hamburg 1927, won twice in Salzuflen in 1925 and 1930 [6 ] And took 4th at Bad Pyrmont 1931 (Bogoljubow won). [7]


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