Simon Rotenstein

Simon Rotenstein (born ca.1890 – died?) Was a German chess master.

At the beginning of his career, he shared with Wilhelm Cohn , behind Carl Ahues , in Berlin championships in 1911, and won in Winterturnier des SK Springer the same year. [1] He played in two friendly matches Berlin vs. Prague in 1913 and 1914. [2]

In Winterturnier of the Berliner Schachvereins in 1923, and played in a match Berlin vs. Prague / Brno in 1923.

He took 10th at Berlin ( Café König ) 1928 ( Efim Bogoljubow won), [5] and tied for 5-8th in Berlin-ch in 1929. His best achievement was the first place (jointly with Ludwig Rellstab and Kurt Richter ) Berlin City Chess Championship in 1930. [6] Then he tied for 7-8th at Frankfurt 1930 ( Hauptturnier ) [7] tied for 11-12th at Berlin 1932, [8] and played in a phone game vs. Berlin Hamburg in December 1932.

During the Nazi period in Germany, he won jointly with Sammi Fajarowicz and Jankel Mundsztuk in Jüdische Meisterschaft Deutschlands at Leipzig 1935. [9]


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