Walter Robinow

Walter Robinow (15 August 1867 – 15 July 1938) was a German chess functionary and organizer.

In 1908, he became President of the Hamburg Chess Club ( Hamburger SK ), and was a hand organizer of the Hamburg 1910 chess tournament (the 17th DSB Congress ). [1] In 1914 he was appointed Vice President of the German Chess Federation (DSB). After World War I , he was a fifth Präsident des Deutschen Schachbundes (DSB) from 1920 to 1933. [2] Among others, he had organized the 24th DSB Kongress at Breslau 1925, the first international congress after the war.

In April 1933, due to Nazi Machtergreifung , Robinow had to resign his chairmanship of the German Schachbundes and the Hamburger Schachklubs , because of his Jewish origin. [3]


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